What is DXRacer for you?

DXRacer Gaming Stühle

What is the DXRacer for you? Comfort is not one size fits all. We have many different body shapes, sizes, preferences and weights. This means that you should choose a chair, especially one that you will sit in for many hours. You want to find the best size for you! We'll break down all of the DXRacer gaming chairs currently available to help you find the best size for you!


The numbers we provide are recommendations for maximum comfort and longevity. The right size is crucial because you want to sit properly and comfortably. Our chairs promote correct sitting posture, and if the chair is too small or too large it may mean you are sitting in an incorrect position. Our most popular category is the chairs that support users up to 6'3" tall and 275 pounds. There are the Air Pro and Formula series for the slim and beautiful people and the Craft Pro and Master series for the strong and muscular people. All of these chairs feature a modular design. The Air Pro series is made of ultra-breathable mesh fabric that improves air circulation. In addition, modular parts can be installed to expand users' scope. The Craft Pro Series features a flat base that offers more seating positions and space while also having a deeper seat. The Master Series is an office chair tailored to the needs of your company. Apart from seat depth, it is a leader in every category. Formula Series is the original gaming chair for sedentary gamers who will find the perfect style here.


The values ​​we provide are recommendations for maximum comfort and longevity. PU PU leather is a softer faux leather that is smooth to the touch. Of our basic faux leather types, it is the most similar to real leather. PVC-PVC leather is not as smooth as PU leather, but is more durable and stain-resistant. It is a stronger and more durable material that prevents wear and tear for longer. Microfiber microfiber leather is our softest, smoothest leather. Our high quality microfiber leather is durable and silky to the touch. It offers an extra layer of luxury. Fabric - Cloth is a durable fabric or other material made from cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads. New-Tech net - The New-Tech net of our DXRacer Air Pro chairs is made from recycled materials and is particularly durable. If breathability is important to you, then the Air Pro is the best option for you.


With adjustable armrests, lumbar supports and headrests, each chair in all three series can be adjusted in a variety of ways for optimal comfort. Additionally, the Air Pro and Master series can be customized with a variety of modular parts, such as: B. multifunctional brackets, cup holders, footrests, etc., can be personalized (modular parts must be purchased separately). The DXRacer chair is not only comfortable but also improves the immersion of the gaming experience.


The final primary consideration is style. Do you want something with a gaming chair look or something that fits more into an office environment like the DXRacer Master and Air? Or do you want a mix of both, e.g. For example, an all-black gaming chair that fits the aesthetic of an office? This decision is entirely up to you as we try to find colors that fit most setups. If you can't find a color you like, just reach out on social media!

We look at the four key points to help you find the best chair for your comfort and style. There are always other factors to consider such as accessories, modular parts, and price. So take your time to look around if you feel like you're on the right path.

If you need a recommendation, you can always send us a message via social media or email us at info@dxracer-germany.de.

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