DXRacer cleaning and care set

The new DXRacer cleaning and care set offers the best solution for removing dirt particles from the DXRacer gaming chair. It helps to easily remove stains from faux leather while protecting it. Extend the life of your DXRacer gaming chair and maintain a brilliant, clean look.
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The DXRacer cleaning and care set is ideal for your DXRacer in artificial leather.

This helps you keep your DXRacer always fresh. Be it at
Gaming or in the office, it can quickly happen that something goes wrong
goes and leaves a stain on the artificial leather.

Simply apply some of the artificial leather cleaner to the included ones
Apply sponge and rub into the affected area using circular movements.

After the DXRacer is clean, apply some of the artificial leather intensive protection
Use a soft, lint-free cloth and then apply this to the clean DXRacer.

The artificial leather provides intensive protection that the DXRacer
Gaming chair looks like new for as long as possible. We recommend the
Use as needed or at least every 6 months.

The cleaning and care set consists of:

1x faux leather cleaner: 50 ml
1x artificial leather intensive protection: 50 ml
1x sponge
1x cloth
1x multilingual instructions