D-Series Racer, Gaming Chair, Drifting 2023

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EPU leather or water-repellent fabric

3D armrests
Adjustable headrest
Seat cushion with wings

Regular / L
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Three height settings

You can effortlessly switch between three height settings, each providing ergonomic support for your head and neck so you can plunge into a fierce battle in maximum comfort.

Seat cushion with wings

The unique, winged seat cushion is designed to optimally enclose the hips and provide all-round support. It is made of high quality foam, durable and will not lose its shape within a few years even under pressure.

3D armrest

The DXRacer 3D armrest can be adjusted in height (up and down) and vertically (forward and back). The surface can also be rotated 20° left and right to suit your needs.


Water-repellent fabric

The waterproof fabric is soft and highly water-resistant. The tight weave and compact structure of the fabric make it more tear and wear resistant.

EPU synthetic leather

Our latest generation of EPU synthetic leather is unmatched when it comes to durability, flexibility and wear resistance. It has been tested to outperform traditional PU faux leather as it combines the best features of different faux leather patterns.

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