DXRacer and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Partner Up

DXRacer USA. Whitmore Lake, Michigan – Feb. 27, 2024

We are proud to announce that we've renewed our partnership with Square Enix this year, following Final Fantasy XVI in 2023. The game Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024.

DXRacer and Square Enix made the joint decision to develop a customized gaming chair for the coming game Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The Drifting Series Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Edition gaming chair is inspired by some of the most iconic elements in the game, such as Cloud Strife's huge sword that can knock several foes off their feet at once. The ideal blend of professional functionality and stylish design brings you a more immersive experience.

About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, an upcoming Action RPG, will be published by Square Enix. It is the second game in the epic, critically acclaimed Final Fantasy remake project, which seeks to reimagine the legendary RPG In three distinct, standalone parts. It is the highly anticipated new story in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, a reimagining of the iconic original game into three standalone titles by its original creators. In this game, players will enjoy various new elements as the story unfolds, culminating in the party’s journey to “The Forgotten Capital” from the original Final Fantasy VII.

The game features an evolved battle system where players can combine strategic thinking with thrilling action combat alongside their comrades, including newly added characters. Additionally, the game features a vibrant and vast world, where players can look forward to new adventures, including sprinting across grassy plains on a Chocobo and exploring expansive environments.

The unknown journey continues... In this standalone adventure for fans and newcomers, Cloud and his comrades venture across the planet, their fates unwritten, making each step outside the dystopian city of Midgar fresh and mysterious. Cloud and his comrades escape the city of Midgar in pursuit of the fallen hero, Sephiroth. As they travel across the world, they find themselves on a journey that will decide the fate of the planet.

About DXRacer

As the pioneer premium brand of gaming chairs, DXRacer introduced the world's first gaming chair in 2006, known as the Formula Series, marking a groundbreaking milestone in the gaming industry and establishing a legendary status for gaming chairs.

In 2013, DXRacer made its entry into the U.S. market, establishing its headquarters in Michigan. DXRacer further strengthened its presence by sponsoring renowned gaming tournaments like MLG, UMG, LPL, LCK, and forming collaborations with top Esports organizations such as Faze Clan, SKT T1, Samsung Galaxy, among others. Notably, DXRacer partnered with prominent brands like Monster Energy, Facebook Gaming, Sony, Razer, and Twitch to create custom seats. Its influence extended to Hollywood, making appearances in major sports, movies, and TV series, captivating a vast fan base.

From the original gaming chair (Formula Series) to the present, DXRacer has spent over two decades researching and developing its gaming chairs. In 2024, DXRacer launched the Smart Electric Gaming Chair, a truly extraordinary and revolutionary product that provides you with an out-of-this-world zero-gravity experience for utmost comfort and optimal performance.

Presently, DXRacer boasts an extensive network of 200 resellers, offering a diverse range of 1,000 products. With a vast following on social media and a substantial user base spanning the globe, DXRacer has reached millions of loyal followers worldwide.